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Balance Your Outfit with Oversized Tops!

by Matthew John 15 May 2024 0 Comments

About Oversized Shirts

If you want a loose and roomy fit, a little larger then a stander size. Then choose Oversized t shirts, the features are relaxed and it drape away from your body, and due to to relaxed and loose fit, it provide a comfortable aesthetic. Oversized T-shirts have little extended lengths in sleeves, torso, and overall width. These tees are popular in both casual and street-wear fashion, because of comfort and versatility.

Comfort factors

To explain the comfort factors we have to analyse three factors;

  • FIT

Fabric Softness

Oversized T-shirts are Mostly made from lightweight and soft fabrics such as jersey, cotton, or blends like mixture of cotton-polyester. Certain fabrics have capillary action properties, drawing sweat away from the body to keep the wearer dry, these materials have a smooth texture for human skin.

Oversized Fit

Oversized T-shirts are designed with a relaxed fit that is intentionally larger than standard sizing. This loose silhouette allows for freedom of movement and prevents constriction, contributing to overall comfort. The sleeves are typically wider and longer.


The loose fit of oversized T-shirts allows air to circulate freely around the body, breathable fabrics like cotton help to wick moisture away from the skin and manage the moisture easily.

Oversized T-shirts & Casual Wear

Oversized T-shirts often have a unisex appeal, meaning they can be worn by people of any gender. This inclusively adds to their popularity. The oversized look has been a fashion trend, especially in street wear and urban fashion. The loose fit oversized T-shirts provides greater freedom of movement, which is perfect for everyday activities. Oversized clothing can be empowering for people of all body types. They offer a more relaxed fit, allowing individuals to feel comfortable and confident without worrying about body image.

How to Dress an Oversized T-shirt

We are here to Discuss for how you can dress oversized tees with different combinations. We have combinations with trousers, joggers, cargo pants and cargo jeans. Baggy t-shirt is look classy and cool with cargo joggers. The baggy dressing gives you comfort, and easy moment if you want to do exercise in gym. Oversized tees are best fit for your gym workout, allows you to breath easily. You can style an oversized tee with some loose-fitting joggers, and watch your problems melt away.

Oversized Graphic Tee and Trouser

Oversized Graphic tees with text, or anime characters, look amazing when you wear with trouser. Choose the best graphic tee according to your style or trend. Modern prints and vintage style prints are cool for your Instagram story. And on the other hand, select trouser which match the vibe with your graphic tee, balance the tee with fitted trouser.

A Classic and Modern Look

We don't deny that oversized t-shirt gives us the freedom of moments to feel more confident and comfortable on the day we need it. Baggy Shirts provide outfit galore, as they can be styled down or up freely, and ready for our any activity. Weather its a rest day or workout day, we are big fan of oversized shirts, it gives us best street wear classic look. In Pakistan oversized tees and trousers are actually uniform for gym people. A modern look can be enhanced in streets with baggy shirts and baggy pants, like cargo pants etc.


Various options can be consider when it comes to oversized tshirt. You can pair with joggers, cargo pants and torusers to create both modern and classic look. Whether you are strolling in street or working out in gym, oversized tees gives us perfect combination of style and comfort. You can buy effortless outfits to reflect your personal style and look. Shop Oversized t shirts at checkmate Ateliers for better Quality and materiel. Follow our Fashion Guide for more Fashion Updates.

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