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History of T-Shirts

by Checkmate Atelier 09 Feb 2023 0 Comments
History of T-Shirts

The shirt has been around in some form since at least the 18th century, when it was known as a chemise. By the time of World War I, KHAKI uniforms with buttoned-up shirts were becoming increasingly popular. By the mid-1920s, the familiar T-shirt had become a basic part of men's fashion, though it was still seen primarily as underwear and not yet as a form of casual wear. 

In the 1930s, the French designer Jean Patou popularized the T-shirt as outerwear for his cruise collection, but it was a marketer for the Jerzees Brand, Frederick Orgwen, who transformed the T-shirt into an iconic garment, when he emblazoned the words 'T-shirt' across the chest of a plain white shirt in 1951. The garment soon became so popular that in 1957, the U.S. Navy made the T-shirt a part of its official uniform. During the 1960s and beyond they were also adopted by the Hippie, Punk and Goth cultures, with slogans and designs becoming a regular part of their identities. 

Today, T-shirts are seen everywhere, not just as underwear but as a fashion statement. They come in a range of colors and styles, are affordable, and can be bought in almost any store around the world. They are versatile, comfortable and will never go out of style.

T-shirts have long been a staple of fashion and culture, going back to their origin in the early 1920s. T-shirts have been an expression of individuality, style, and attitude, and have remained an essential part of the fashion industry. Today, they come in a variety of styles, silhouettes, and colors, ranging from sporty to sophisticated. They’re an easy way to make a statement, no matter the occasion. T-shirts are also an easy, comfortable way to express yourself and, when paired with the right accessories and cuts, will keep you looking fashionable, season after season.

T Shirts worn by actors in movies

T-Shirts worn by actors in movies can range from a classic vintage T-shirt to eye-catching logo tees. Popular t-shirt styles worn in movies include plain patterned white t-shirts, classic rock band t-shirts, branded concert t-shirts and iconic movie or TV show logo tees. Examples of movie t-shirts worn previously include Michael J. Fox’s Back To The Future logo t-shirt and Mila Kunis’s Friends t-shirt. Many Hollywood actors also choose to wear graphic T-shirts featuring artwork and slogans for a unique look.

Many actors today wear fashion-forward T-shirts either on screen or off. These can range from designer T-shirts to more affordable, mainstream options. Options can include vintage band t-shirts, silly graphic tees, and even customized pieces. Popular actors like Kevin Costner, Michael Douglas, Johnny Depp, Emma Watson, David Beckham and Hugh Jackman have all been photographed rocking different t-shirts from designer and department stores alike.

Types of T Shirts

  1. Crewneck 
  2. V-Neck 
  3. Henley 
  4. Scoop Neck 
  5. Tank Top 
  6. Polo Shirt 
  7. Raglan 
  8. Muscle Tee 
  9. A-Shirt 
  10. Grandad Collar

Crewneck T shirt

A Crewneck t-shirt is a type of shirt that has a very tight, round neckline. The neckline sits high enough that it doesn't show the collar or shoulders of the shirt. It is generally a more casual option than a collared shirt and can be worn with jeans, Pajamas or shorts. While most crewnecks feature short-sleeve styles, long-sleeved options are becoming increasingly popular.

V-Neck T shirt

A V-Neck t-shirt is a t-shirt designed with a neckline that dips down into a V-shape at the chest. It is usually worn by men, but can sometimes be worn by women. A V-neck can be made from a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, or spandex. It is often used as an undershirt, but can also be worn as a stylish casual look.

Henley T Shirt

This classic wardrobe staple takes a modern twist with the addition of Henley t shirts. These shirts feature a Henley style collar, a more relaxed fit than a traditional polo, and attractive buttons that add a bit of extra style to the shirt. Henley T shirts are the perfect way to add a trendy vibe to your outfit while still keeping the classic, professional look. With a variety of styles and colors, you can easily mix and match your Henley T shirts to create a stylish, updated look. Whether you’re creating a casual look for the weekend or need to upgrade your work wardrobe, Henley t shirts offer a timeless appeal for any look.

Scoop Neck T Shirt

A scoop neck t-shirt is a t-shirt or tank top with a low neckline that dips down toward the center of the chest. It is cut in a U-shape and can be sleeveless or have sleeves. The lower neckline gives the garment a relaxed, casual look and is a great choice for everyday wear.

Tank Top T Shirt

A tank top t-shirt is a type of sleeveless shirt made from various materials that is designed to fit close to the body. It is typically cut shorter than a regular t-shirt and is usually worn without an undergarment. Tank top t-shirts can be unisex and come in various colors, prints, and designs. They are versatile and are ideal for a variety of activities, from workouts to casual hangouts.

Polo T Shirt

Polo t-shirts are short-sleeved T-shirts with a collar, most commonly made from knit cotton fabric. They often have a logo of a brand embroidered onto the chest part of the shirt. Polo t-shirts are perfect for casual and semi-formal occasions. They are comfortable and stylish, and pair well with jeans and chinos.

Raglan T Shirt

A Raglan T-shirt is a type of shirt that has seams that run diagonally from the shoulder seam to the sleeve. It has the advantage of allowing more freedom of movement than a regular t-shirt and is often used for sports and physical activities. It can come in many different styles from a basic crew-neck to a more stylish polo shirt. The Raglan style is also popular as an outerwear garment due to its comfort and slightly casual look.

Muscle T shirt

A muscle T-shirt is a popular choice among bodybuilders and athletes. These shirts are usually made of lightweight and breathable materials such as cotton, spandex and polyester, to help keep your body cool and comfortable when you’re working out and sweating. Muscle t-shirts can either have large or small logos and graphic designs, depending on the style, and they feature a tighter fit than traditional t-shirts and may be more fitted around the arms and shoulders. These shirts also come in a variety of colors and designs, making it easy to find the perfect shirt to style your bodybuilding look.

A T shirt

A t-shirt is a casual shirt, typically with a crew neck and short sleeves. It is one of the most commonly worn clothes in the world. The basic design can be altered by adding designs, words, or images. The style is often worn as an undershirt, but is also worn as the only layer of clothing, especially in hot climates.

Grandad T Shirt

The Grandad T-shirt is a classic, timeless look, perfect for any occasion. This classic all-white t-shirt features a vintage, relaxed fit for comfort and style. The ribbed collar and cuffs make for a comfortable fit, while the fabric blend ensures it's lightweight and breathable. Whether you're looking for a classic tee to wear to the beach, out on the town, or just lounging at home, the Grandad T-shirt is sure to do the trick.

Preprinted Customized graphic designs T Shirts

It is no surprise that pre-printed T shirts are a very popular item in the fashion industry. From statements to graphic designs, custom printed T shirts have become part of everyday wardrobe of many. From simple logos to elaborate designs, custom printed T shirts have become one of the best ways to express yourself and to show off your individual style. 

When shopping for custom-printed T shirts, there are a few things to consider. First off, determine the sort of fabric and design you'd like to have. Cotton, Silk, and Polyester are some of the most popular materials used to make custom-printed T shirts. You can also get creative with color and fabric patterns. 

Next, consider the kind of printing process you'd like to use for your custom-printed T shirts. Screen printing is the most common type of printing process used for custom-printed T shirts, as it can provide a lasting, durable finish. For intricate designs, you might need to use digital or sublimation printing, which uses a special heat process to fuse the ink to the shirt. 

Finally, consider the size and fit of your custom-printed T shirts. Remember, the cut and the size will affect the overall look of your shirt. So make sure you take accurate measurements when ordering. Also, if you're considering a custom-printed T-shirt as a gift, consider the person's body shape and size before ordering. 

Custom-printed T shirts are a great idea for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a unique birthday present, a way to express yourself, or just a way to update your wardrobe, custom-printed T shirts are the perfect way to do it. With so many designs and styles to choose from, you can easily find one that fits perfectly with your style and personality.

What we do at Checkmate Atelier

Checkmate Atelier makes high quality T-shirts. Their creations are crafted from premium materials and carefully inspected for quality. They are comfortable, stylish and a great way to show off your unique style. Checkmate Atelier offers men's and women's designs in an array of colors and sizes. From classic fits to bold statement tees, their designs bring a fashionable look that is sure to make a statement.

Checkmate Atelier also specializes in designing Pajamas, Hoodies, sweat shirts, casual jackets, Jeans pants, Denim Jackets, oversized clothes, mock necks, casual daywear, party wear and formal attire, as well as items from select fashion designs.


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